The nonprofit dedicated to advancing and maintaining the ethereum software officially announced the beneficiaries of its first wave of development grants.

A total of 13 projects received more than $ 2.5 million to work on scalability, security, development experiments, user interface research, and other derivatives of the ethereum chain. according to an announcement made Wednesday.

The grants will help the ethereum community to better develop distributed applications (dapps) and smart contracts, according to the post. The Foundation also noted the different research topics of each of the recipients and said, “We hope these grants will signal to the community what we think are the missing pieces in the ecosystem that need more support.

The Foundation went on to say that it “is there to serve the teams and individuals working to prevent a tragedy of the commons”.

Notably, the Foundation has acknowledged that the grant program has changed direction since its first announcement in January. At the time, it was intended for developers working on the scaling of the ethereum network, as previously stated.

On Wednesday, the Foundation explained the change:

“We decided to expand support for projects that do a great job in scalability, usability, and security: these projects have no ICOs, no symbolic sales, and simply focus on product creation and useful experiences.

Subsidies are also not strictly related to the main network. The Foundation noted that some of its grants went to “hackers” for community members who proposed a useful side project.

That being said, some of the largest grants went to extensibility research – L4 Research earned $ 1.5 million to work on state-owned channels, while Prysmatic Labs earned $ 100,000 the sharding.

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